about me



Kirsten Rhode Sandefur was born in Chicago, Il. At the age of four she had her first premonition but everyone in her family did not understand her gifts. Growing up having always felt different, she always gravitated to more obscure paths. She worked in sales as an executive for almost ten years before she moved to Germany to embrace her German heritage. It was there she began embracing her gifts again and doing readings for her friends. Kirsten, not a German citizen was forced to come back to the US and took a job in hospitality in Park City, UT. She lived in Park City and embraced being a stay at home mom. After going through a tumultuous divorce that left her heartbroken, Kirsten set out on an empowerment journey to change her situation for her as a single mother with no help and for all other individuals who feel like they don’t know their path or individuals wanting to learn to embrace their gifts. The courses within are designed to use psychic abilities to empower yourself and change your situation, whatever that may be. Magick as Hollywood portrays it is not really magick, it’s simply Quantum Psychics. Kirsten is a published author, avid painter and crafter. She enjoys doing yoga in her spare time and spending Quality time with her two-year-old daughter, Sevyn.