Psychic Seduction

it is important to note that psychic abilities are much like an unlearned language. If no one had started to teach you words, their pronunciation, and then the construction of complete sentences, would you be able to speak today? 

Obviously, you wouldn't. In fact, there are many adults out there who still cannot speak English. Are they any less smarter than you and I? No, they simply never learned to speak English. But, I bet they are perfectly capable of speaking in their own language...the one they were taught to communicate with, while growing up. I want you to think of psychic ability in the same way. Just think of it as another language you're trying to learn. Because, that's really all it is about...

What is it : What is sexual psychic seduction? It is about using the power of your mind to attract sexual relations to you. You create your own reality everyday with your mind. What you wear, where you live, everything that you currently are was created by the power of your mind. 

Everything that becomes a reality started off as a thought. Although thought does not always produce instant results, it can in some instances. Most of the time though, thought works it way through various circumstances to create what your goal was. The key is to view and see things as though it were happening right now. 

Im betting everyone at some point in their lives has used a phone. Well you don’t necessarily know how the phone works but you know it does. So if you gave a man a phone from the 1800’s a phone, he wouldn’t know how to use it. It wouldn’t even be in his awareness as a medium for communication. Even if we brought this man a phone and put it in his hands he wouldn’t know what do with it.  If you gave him the phone to communicate and gave him some instruction on using it and the basic fundamental layout of each features the more he could play with it and uncover lots of other ways to use this phone..and the more success he would have with it. This is the same way psychic thoughts hold energy and psychic seduction works- we don’t know how exactly it does but we will attempt to try to explain how we know it works for us.


  1. Clear your mind from any distraction and get in a comfortable position - sitting or laying down. This is essential. Most people try to stop thinking but the best method for myself is to become a third party observer of your thoughts.  Let them come into your consciousness and pass through.  This technique works well to allow you to clear your mind easier

  2. Visualize the subject

  3. Focus on being beside them and sending them pure love and light and warmth and see them receiving that into their subconscious. Feel them feel you.

  4. Picture feeling the other person and feel what it’s like to touch them, use your imagination and be able to actually feel the other persons body parts and their reaction to your feeling their parts

  5. Bathe yourself in that reality and practice feeling that this is actually taking place 

  6. Current research would indicate that you have to actually have an interaction with that person, but I do not believe this must be the case. You are however limited by your own belief structure and the only limits you have are self imposed.

  7. Attitude is essential - know it is going to work and go on about your day

  8. Detach to your desire for this person it leads to a better outcome.

  9. Try to achieve either a alpha or theta state before you practice these visualizations.The alpha state is where your consciousness is in vibrational resonance with the planet’s frequency, therefore your thoughts will have greater ability to materialize. Visualization works best in the dreamlike state because it is the link between the physical and mental world. Being in theta state is more powerful but most people are unable to achieve a conscious theta state. The theta state is the point just before you fall asleep, the instant before. You can remember starting to fall asleep as you are in very deep alpha, just approaching theta. But the actual moment of theta is the moment of amnesia. You almost never recall the exact point where you fell asleep. The conscious theta state occurs also when you become conscious in a dream. You can influence in that state. The difference between mind power in the two states is that, if you were visualizing your fingers touching someone in an erotic way while you were in an alpha state, the person would feel a slight tingling or warm erotic sensation followed by thoughts of you. It is subtle but it works. If you were in a conscious theta state, the person would actually feel the touch as if your actual physical hand was actually touching them in person. That is how real it would feel for them! This is the power of altered mind states.

Learning to use the brain frequency between the alpha and theta ranges is the first step to successful sexual psychic seduction. When your brain state is at this rate, you will be in a relaxed, daydream like state without being asleep. 

It is essential not to tie yourself to a particular outcome (someone falling in love with you, someone wanting to be with you in this realm) because this will hinder your results.  Simply be focused on the person

I would advise you to keep a journal and record your results. This will also positively- push you to be more observant, which will only help improve your skills. Practice an improve on your ability - just like learning a new language you must practice practice practice.  With more practice the more adept you will become at producing results quite rapidly.