When You Fall In Love With an Awakened Woman

When you choose to fall in love with an awakened woman you are embarking on a very dangerous, very life altering path from which you will not recover.

She will enrapture your soul

and set ablaze all your so called traditions. She will take you from your peaceful existence and turn you inward to grasp who you are at the core. She will question all your values, all your core philosophies to force you to decide for yourself who you really wish to be. She will not let you rest on your laurels, for you must constantly be improving and polarizing to your divine purpose.

When you choose to love an awakened woman you cannot stay asleep

for to do so would not be in harmony with her purpose, one in which she will never stray for long. She cannot be distracted or pulled from her purpose for this is her destiny and if she doesn’t believe you are a part of increasing humanities awareness she will not waste anyone’s time on a relationship with you. This is not to be misconstrued as cold and unfeeling but the polar opposite. She doesn’t wish to develop followers but instead wishes to encourage and assist with your own self discovery.

She doesn’t like judgement

and woe to thee who judges others without first having judged himself. She is never content with status quo and will never resign herself to see things in duality. She sees things in color instead of black and white, but this full spectrum view on humanity is one that sets her apart from the drab world and makes her beauty appear as pure light and perfection for it is seen from her soul instead of outward appearance.

When you fall in love with an awakened woman know that you must forever share her with the world

that she cannot be enslaved or captured. Like a rare bird she will wither if forced into a box with no light for her spirit is not to be adored but experienced. She will forever change the perspective of the world you live in even only for a bit, for she is a force of nature than is not to be ignored. You don’t just date an awakened woman you must embrace the challenging learning curve that will allow you to ride the wave that is her wildness and you must be prepared for the value the raucous journey she offers. You must embrace the fact that she sees something in you that you might not yet see but if you don’t seek to fulfill that within yourself and resolve to continue on as you always have your experience with her will be short.

Loving an awakened woman will be the most erotic, most life altering sex you have ever had

for she understands sex to be the melding of energy and will not resign to let it be a moment of rapture but a spiritual out of body experience where your souls can merge together as one. She is liberated and uninhibited, she will not prescribe to old notions of sex roles and gender conformity but embraces the divine feminine and the divine masculine within herself. Loving an awakened woman will mean understanding that she does not need you to make her complete, instead WANTS you in her life. Embrace her with all her rawness and wonder and come prepared to redefine everything you once knew to be true. Embrace yourself fully and you will be able to embrace her.