Stages of a Spiritual Awakening

Unconscious programming runs us, and, as a result, we see the world in black and white – good and bad. We likely process a rigid model of the world according to our specific programming.Because there is a great desire to fit in and be accepted, It is common to sacrifice our needs and compromise our values in order to receive approval and be included in our desired community, be that family, culture, business, religion, etc…

We don’t usually question reality or seek answers beyond what is necessary for survival and maintenance of a lifestyle. There is something I should point out, I saw this on Kelly Ashley’s blog and I think it is extremely helpful or was for me: don’t do things that are going to: 

• Charge your energy

• Stimulate your kundalini

• Or alter your energetic or psychic state

Those are the 3 rules – and to be honest, they may not apply to absolutely everyone here. There may be those of you who can actually use crystals or oils or meditation without becoming too ungrounded, but given that most of us here are in a very delicate state at this point  similar to what I was, I say avoid it, at least for now. When you find yourself more grounded, you can carefully test and investigate to see how your energy responds.

This means take your crystals, take your oils, and put them in a closet for 3 weeks. You can use them again. Just wait a bit. Stop meditating for awhile as well. She also mentions to stop getting energy healing done, or giving it, any intuitive healing modality, doing these things at the beginning of a spiritual awakening will only intensify the emotional triggering. Spiritual practices will also trigger this so yoga, mediumship etc.. will increase the kundalini energy. Things that alter your psychic state, essential oils, incense and crystals..these things will make your symptoms worse.

What are the symptoms you ask?

  • Highly sensitive and emotional

  • Feeling anxious or panicked

  • Extremely high empathy – picking up everyone else’s ‘stuff’

  • Feeling completely overwhelmed

  • Feeling crazy or questioning your sanity

  • Psychic senses out of control, intrusive or frightening

  • Mental health concerns

  • Physical difficulties – aches, pains, fatigue, brain fog

  • Unable to ground your energy

These are the stages of an awakening 

Glimpsing or shock and awe -In stage one, happiness is based on externals, therefore, in order to feel happy, we try to control reality; other people, places and experiences. Although we attempt to control our lives, for both happiness and security, it is more than likely that our emotions rule, and our actions and reactions are based  this is the pushing off point where you are given glimpses of reality, new perception which leads you to look at life differently.  You have a choice to make at this juncture which is to awaken or to go back to sleep and honestly thinking back it was never a choice although it was. Once you awaken you can never go back.  It’s a bit like ignoring a huge mack truck in your way, you can pretend its not there but you have to have the courage to go around it and pass it in order to see what awaits you on the other side but even if you don’t it still won’t make it disappear again.  Large amounts of energy begin to flood your system. The psychic centers are opened (usually quite abruptly) and suddenly your feeling, sensing, seeing or hearing things that you weren’t aware of before. Your psychic senses are so much more acute – you may even begin having powerful spiritual experiences or sensations and you’ll feel more sensitive than usual too. Due to the heightening of these psychic senses you’ll likely feel the need to retreat – to pull back from people, places, and things. You’ll want to hibernate. That is entirely natural.

Choosing a path -Now your system is acclimating  (and it needs to be for this next part). Energy is thrust up through the chakra system. The purpose is to dislodge any blockages that stop that energy flowing smoothly straight through your system (giving you a purer connection to source). There are old emotions, heart breaks and trauma from past life times that our soul needs to heal. This is why our psychic senses had to be so heightened – so that we could tap into the information from our past lives and become aware of it.

During this phase you’ll feel really emotional. Your emotions will change wildly and erratically. You may feel you have no control over when or where or how strongly they come up. It can be really hard. And if you try to hide, the universe will put people in your way to trigger the emotions that need healed. I could not read the law of one by Ra without bursting Into tears. I didn’t know what was going  question your identity but we still hold on to it because we must continue to prove our worth, and we don’t yet know ourselves outside of our human identity. As we question the roles we play, we may feel lost, and even betrayed by others or life in general. faced with the rationalization that your limited worldview can no longer contain your expanding awareness you come to realize your life is on a spiritual journey.This is often marked by a period of intense learning, information gathering, self study into world religions or psychology you are drawn to practice methods that align to your unique personalities and dispositions. it is in this stage that you are also pruning down old relationships that no longer serve you and you will make the decision whether to continue on with certain affiliations. For me this was continuing to be active in my church. Some will misunderstand this and think its because I lost my sense of god but its actually much much deeper than that and I do not judge anyone on their own path for me that did not include religious affiliations.  It also triggered my heart chakra to fully open and let go of anger with my ex, with friends etc…and mainly dependency, possessiveness, jealousy, manipulation, over a sense in over sacrificing in exchange for self esteem.

Seeking/discovering your spiritual gifts  - following a path - discovering a spiritual routine that takes your path from an isolated exercise to a daily routine.  In this stage you begin to shift your identity from external references and ego to internal references such as stillness, intuition and higher guidance.  At this point some amazing things start to happen. You are increasingly lighthearted - happiness and joy become your centered state, you take life less seriously, hysteria and melodrama have less of an influence over you and you feel more ease in life. The second thing is the ease of which your desires are fulfilled. Regular spiritual practice removes blockages which obstruct manifestation of your desires so you experience more synchronicities, more miracles, experiences of grace. Sometimes at this stage you get a little second wave of the previous. The universe is testing that all of these issues (who you aren’t) are gone for good. You might find some old patterns, issues or pains surge again. And when they do you’ll probably feel exasperated, and irritated at yourself, and question if you’ve made any progress at all. But they’ve been inflated and intensified for a reason – so that you’ll clear out every last nook and cranny of that low self esteem, or loneliness, or anxiety. You’ll finally be free of it! The more you do things that raise your vibration the better so eat more raw foods, meditate, go out in nature, say no to things that drain your energy, practice conscious breathing, head to the ocean, the negative ions work wonders! Declutter, become conscious of your thoughts, drink water, be grateful, practice acts of kindness and surround yourself with people of a higher vibration.

Loss of sight (paranoia, dark night of the soul)- There are barriers (literal or figurative) that stand in your way of important turning points in your life. Enemies, ex’s, rivals, limiting beliefs, setbacks that will repeatedly knock you down and test your resolve making sure you have learned the lessons.  These setbacks make you question your chosen path At this stage you may feel helpless but often we don’t realize this blindness or helplessness will strengthen us in the long term.  From this darkness can you fully emerge into the light.  This stage was actually pretty scary and I have gone through it several times as I have stumbled on reverting back to old ways of thinking and learned my lesson so to speak and found my way again.  I had the distinct notion my computer was hacked (it actually was, but Im not sure if this was something I manifested as a result and I have let it go entirely as non important) this is the thing about moving out of this stage you accept certain things as they are and do not seek to change them you choose to let certain things not dampen or hinder your path.

Seeing emerging with your path/ Owning  your spiritual gifts and reintegration with your soul- In this stage a permanent shift has taken place and you have awoken to your new identity.  You are a divine observer. you realize that you and source or god are all one and that there is a unity with every divine being on earth as they are all a part of the divine creator so if you do harm to someone else you do harm unto yourself.  

These stages are by no means a set in stone description they are fluid and like the individual being that you are and that you are one with source they all share the same things but they do not all occur in the same way or pattern for everyone.Here’s the thing..I want to make sure everyone knows.  This is not something that is easy and if you aren’t ready for it (when are you really) then it is going to rock the very foundation on which your person was built and fundamentally change you for the better.  It isn’t rainbows and roses, and it is at times scary and lonely but it is by far the most satisfying experience you have ever had and you will be forever changed by it. As someone who was often a victim of circumstance, freeing myself from this victimhood was the most satisfying experience yet.  I realized full responsibility for my own life and claim it as such. You will figure out your own intrinsic worth and thereby do not feel a need to prove it to others. You lead by example now instead of words. Concepts of good and bad and a duality dissolve and you begin to see everything as it is pure love. Emotions no longer rule you and you have the ability to master your thoughts and emotions.  Your higher self reintegrated into your body. The purpose is awaken to our light bodies and begin the next stage of human evolution and this integration will allow us expand our lifeline, expand into altered states of consciousness, access realities within other dimensions.  We will no longer be isolated from parallel universes and we will take on a higher existence and become co creators of our own reality.  Belief of a conspiracy is a set of mind… that doesn’t mean there isn’t a dark plan going on under the surface designed to enslave humanity, there is..but there is also a plan of love and happiness going on and it is your responsibility to figure out which side of the coin you lie.