The Secret Behind the Secret - Why Can't You Manifest Your Desires?

If I had a dollar for everyone that has said to me “You must not really be able to manifest things otherwise you would be rich” I seriously would be. This raises a valid point and one that must be addressed fully. When you get to the point in your spiritual journey where you have to choose your thoughts very carefully because what you think will come to be, you begin to understand what is truly important in this journey and what the point is of this whole awakening anyway. You start to understand money is not something to value, it is a skill that you must learn in order to navigate this planet. It is something that is not necessary yet we cannot begin to explain why, only that it becomes less important to your security and only useful to trade goods and services in order to survive.

Money doesn't equal happiness.

I am not on this path to be wealthy, I am on it to make a difference. I have not chosen this path easily, but it is one we must all choose. This does not make me better than anyone else on a different path, it is just what I have decided is right for me.

The law of attraction or bringing things to you isn’t based on will it is based on love.

You are barking up the wrong tree if you think you will bring things into your life just by willing them to be so and wanting it with all your might. You must actually begin to resonate with love first and then you can begin to manifest things but they must be things that will raise your vibration and frequency equal to what you have already attained.

These desires cannot come from a place of wanting or a lack of those particular things. Your energy or level of vibration must be equal to the things you are trying to bring in.

Think about it…like attracts like energy and if you are asking the universe for money to make you happy this means you are not happy and the universe will continue to match your resonance of stating you are not happy. This also means you cannot simply state you are happy and then it will be so, but this is a beginning to attaining your wishes.

You must first carefully consider your desires.

Then ask yourself why you do not currently have those things and why attaining them will bring you said happiness. Through this process of re educating yourself and reacquainting yourself with love and light you will begin to see that life begins to get much easier. It doesn’t mean that wealth and riches will fall from the heavens, but it does make attaining them easier if you need them for survival and not for security. I have not gone a day in my life without enough food to eat and without a roof over my head despite some very hard times when I separated from my husband but because I kept my focus on love I always was able to provide for my family and I never went without. For some this isn’t enough and that is okay, but please do not misunderstand and misrepresent the law of attraction because the principals of the law of attraction are very much true and will work for you if you use them correctly.

The law of attraction is meant to be a spiritual fulfillment tool to help bring you more of that which you desire when you have reached a certain level of spiritual progress.

You have to work first to obtain this level of progress. This level is only obtained when you have mastered the ability to control your thoughts and inner script. Your thoughts hold energy and they must be attuned and aligned with your true desires. If you do not inwardly know yourself, you cannot rely on any outside force to complete that process.

Fear is the biggest hurdle many will have to overcome when attempting to manifest things in their lives.

Fear is incredibly complex. Some fears may be a result of experiences or trauma, while others may represent a fear of something else entirely, such as a loss of control. Fear will subside the more you confront and deal with the things that you feel you cannot control. The more you turn inward the more you will realize the things you perceive to be outside of your control are not actually so. The more you turn inward to face the things that you do not understand and the things that you believe you cannot control the easier it will be to manage these fears. You need to accept these not as limitations but as part of who you are and embrace them and they will not hold so much power over you. You can and you will manifest your fears, so it is best that you attempt to demystify them now and conquer them before they conquer you!

In summation, the real truth behind the law of attraction and manifestation is this…you cannot manifest something in a place of lack or a place of wanting.

You must first fulfill this area and be complete before you can turn this reflection outward to the universe to bring you more of that which you seek. You cannot manifest things in your life that you want until you learn to conquer your fears and master your thoughts. There is no shortcut past this step, and if you are having trouble manifesting things in your life you will always have to come back to this principal. Is your desire to manifest something to fill a void? Is your attempt to reprogram your thoughts becoming challenging because of your fears? Mastering these two principals will change your life and change your ability to manifest. This is the secret behind the secret.