Spirit Keeping or Spirit Companionship

What is spirit keeping? 

Spirit keeping is something that was originally first coined as a term by Creepy Hollows.Creepy Hollows was the first online seller of bound spirits that one can purchase to have in their keep.  There are many other sellers now that provide spirit companions in bound vessels. 

This term is also known as spirit companions or bound spirits.

Keeping Spirits is the act of keeping once living entities or spirits as companions or friends that are typically kept and bound to a vessel or yourself. Before everyone has a fit,

No, this is not spiritual slavery for the most part.  I’m sure there are sellers who do bind spirits against their will but ethical sellers do not bind any spirits against their will. People often find it hard to fathom spirits being bound not being slavery. Spirit keeping these days is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Spirits cannot usually be bound against their will apart from extremely few practitioners that almost always end up being on the receiving end of some major misfortune or death after awhile. Very few practitioners are able to forcibly remove ones free will, this is how some people are able to bind spirits against their will. There are not many who possess this level of Magick, or shall I say Black Magick. The majority of the people in the world do not hold the capability to force a superior being against its will. You typically only see this in black magick practitioners doing so against other Black Arts spirits to force them to do their bidding because Black Arts spirits as a rule will not voluntarily help you. However, it should also be noted that in this case the word "spirit" is inaccurate because most of the time the Black Arts "spirits" bound against their will are living entities who reside on another plane such as the astral or spiritual. And BA practitioners always pay in the end and you don't usually see their run last longer than a few months or a year before something breaks them down if they are going with the forcible approach. Ethical sellers should not harm the spirit in the binding or by putting them in the vessel. They should not be promised anything except a good home to a mortal human. They should not be required to give up anything in return for being bound. For hundreds of years before now, Spirit Keeping wasn't really keeping. Spirit keeping in the past was really more of a slave/owner type situation that existed of spirits being conjured and kept and tasked to do that persons bidding.  It was a contractual relationship that usually ended once the tasks had been accomplished.  Ignorant mystics and magicians of the past would typically coerced and bound demons to do their bidding, and it is where a lot of the stories about having djinn in bottles come from.  

There is a misconception about spirit keeping and that is that the spirits are forcibly crammed into vessels and meant to stay there for the duration of our lives. When a spirit dies it is free to roam anywhere they wish and having a vessel simply gives them a permanent home where they can have someone to communicate with that hears them or knows they are there, and they can feel alive again by developing a relationship with someone who wishes to give them a good home. The spirit can go anywhere they wish, the vessel simply being a direct link to it’s keeper. This is not meant to be a prison but an attachment to them so they may readily access you and vice versa. The spirits have the capability of being on our realm or the spirit realm and this is the reason that you often times feel their contact stronger than at other moments.

 What are the different classifications of entities or spirits?

There are three or sometimes four different types of classifications in referring to the nature of entities or spirits.

White Arts:

These beings will never harm creature that are innocent, and they do what they can to preserve the happiness and health of the group rather than the individual. If one person’s sacrifice means ten people will survive, then they will take that route. They always tell the truth, and usually follow some kind of higher authority.  Grey Arts: beings have many similarities to White Arts. They do their best to not harm innocent creatures, and they work for the group as a whole rather than the individual. However, they respect freedom from authority as long as it does not lead to violence/chaos. They have the ability like humans to choose right or wrong.  Dark Arts: Companions with the dark arts category see the needs of the individual more important than the needs of the group, but they will not deliberately go out of their way to harm others to achieve their own happiness. These beings do desire freedom and do not usually follow the rule of an authoritative figure, but they might have a hierarchy within their species or group such as Kings, Queens/Rulers to aid in the overall well being.  Black Arts: Black Arts companions put their needs at the top of the list first, they will not help others unless their is a mutual benefit.  They certainly do not follow authority and will rebel against control of any kind.  

How does one conjure beings?

This is done mostly through conjuration. Magicians typically put a kind of call out to a certain entity or vibration through an evocation. The magician then selects the right entity based on a number of requirements that the keeper has told the conjurer and based on what has voluntarily come through. There are many criteria that a conjurer looks for in a spirit being used for companionship, protection, training, etc…Typically criteria for a spirit to be a good candidate for binding is their energy, their presence, their demeanor and their abilities. The strongest spirit will always present itself first but depending on the purpose for the binding and the Keeper the conjurer is binding for the first may not always be chosen. If a conjurer is performing a binding specifically for another Keeper the Keeper's needs and personality are always at the forefront of making a spirit choice.

There is a process called custom conjuring which selects a spirit that is matched to your specific vibration. A conjurer can typically get spirits from the physical, spiritual and astral planes resulting in an infinite number of spirits or species. 

How do entities leave energy that can be conjured?

When an entity including humans perishes or dies it leaves a sort of stain of spiritual energy that has to do with how significant or meaningful they were in their life. The spirits of humans passed can be bound to multiple vessels and still have locations on earth. It depends where this essence was captured from that determines the strength. Right now you have left energy in more than one place, probably hundreds of places. To start with you left a large stain of energy in the room you were born in. For example If John Doe’s essence was captured at his former home it would be significantly more powerful than conjuring him and binding him through a normal conjuration. Spirits and entities leave pieces of themselves everywhere. The strength of the conjuration depends on a few things, the strength and mastery of the conjurer, the strength of the spiritual entity presenting itself and the method of binding used.

What are the different kinds of bindings?

When binding spirits you can choose to have them bound directly to your spirit, to a vessel that you choose or that the seller chooses. Binding to spirit is not to be confused with your soul, this limits the binding to this lifetime. Having your spirit companion bound directly to your spirit is otherwise known as direct binding. There are positive and negative attributes to doing this.  The first being that if you are not energy sensitive you might have a difficulty picking up on the entities energy being that it is ever present with your own.  You might also have a difficulty locking in on one singular entities energy if you have several companions at one time.  

There are many ways a spirit can be bound to a vessel and mostly this is done by an invocation. This is often very guarded information that is kept secret by the seller performing the ritual.  Vessel bindings are the energy link to your companion.  They offer the chance of having an easier time picking up on the energy, because there is a way to channel that energy by using direct contact with the vessel and you can learn how it feels to have their energy and not have it.  A vessel in this case is any physical object that holds a binding (Pendant, Ring, Statue, Doll, Etc)  

How do Spirits get energy?

Spirits derive their energy from the sun and the moon and usually that will suffice but if you desire to give your spirit an extra boost of energy you can put them in a charging box that has been spelled to recharge them. This depends on the practitioner though and the method used for binding so you should ask your seller directly what they recommend. 

Why keep Spirits?

There are many reasons to keep spirits ranging from protection, companionship, to enhance Magickal abilities, sexual gratification and many more. This also helps your own material spirits that sometimes lack higher consciousness, to guide their own powers. Sometimes they benefit a great deal from a companion who can guide them to serve your greatest good. There are literally hundreds of thousands so that can make it rather difficult for someone to decide on just one, but keep in mind this is a decision that should not be taken lightly and you should not embark on this path unless you feel a calling to it, you have done a healthy amount of research on it, you know how to protect yourself and run a tight ship and with no fear in your heart.  Spirits also benefit a great deal from companionship and mentoring someone. It helps them feel alive again and like they have something valuable to teach human kind.

Spirits/Entities for Beginners?

For those new to spirit keeping, there are a fair number of entities or spirits recommended for beginners to spirit keeping. These are a few of the ones that seem to be the best for those inexperienced with spirit keeping.

Astral Angels-

These angels are kind and nurturing. They are ideal angels for beginners looking for aid in spiritual development or for anyone who seeks a companion that will guide them and offer support.


Dragons, especially silver dragons. Dragons are extremely social entities that are easy to bond with. It is not recommended to start of with a Dark Arts Dragon, but some may prefer this depending on their path. Though each race of dragon has special talents known only to its race they have common threads of powers such as magical aptitude, magical casting, reading minds of humans, control over lesser creatures around them, most powerful land and air dwelling creature. 

Gold Dragons Very powerful and majestic creatures. They have arsenals of spells that usually expand in the thousands and they can conjure anything they wish. Highly sought after beings that are diverse and well suited to any level spirit keeper. They are attentive, smart, inspiring, gracious, and work well with many different types of spirits and entities. Have an invested interest in your life and will give you sincere, caring, and thoughtful feedback and can also help you to develop your supernatural abilities and gifts.

Blue Dragons-These are the most fanciful and devoted of the creatures and they have a great affinity for the human race. They are extraordinary animal of many magical powers and the energy of their powers supersedes most creatures or humans. Capable of huge feats of magick.

Unicorns -

(ideally white or gold)- Unicorns are gentle creatures who are easy to work with.  Mystical creatures who like to keep their existence secret they rarely reveal themselves in their unicorn form.  They can teach you how to open up to infinite possibilities and help teach the gift of psychic sight.


Although a little uncommon, raffins are great first spirits as they are easy to bond with and require little maintenance, not to mention they are fantastic guardians!  This is a small creature the size of a parrot but they have a reptilian head. They often provide protection for those who at their heart are good keeping them safe from any negative energy that might affect them.


Phoenixes are laid back creatures that tend to be quite sweet and kind. The Phoenix in spirit has immense strength, spiritual healing properties, attracts an abundance of wealth, and balances the body and soul amongst many other amazing gifts you will be granted in their presence!


Fylgias are wonderful guardians and protectors. They get close to their Keepers and enjoy keeping watch over them at all times. Fylgia is a Shadow Soul, a Guardian Spirit that attaches itself to whomever bears its token. You will feel a change in your energy and feel more grounded as soon as you take a Fylgia into your home. The Fylgia shadows your every physical move, emotional change, and everything in between. It is constantly with you and as it bonds with you, your contact with the Fylgia will grow. The Fylgia makes the majority of its contact with its owner through the owner's dreams. His main job, is to be your guide while journeying. He knows how to get anywhere in the Nine Worlds and can help make sure you come back all in one piece. When you leave bits of your energy behind or inadvertently send parts of my consciousness ahead, he can find, collect, and reintegrate these pieces for you. A Fylgia knows you better than you know yourself and will give you advice, premonitions and protection throughout your life.

Arkan Sonney-

These are happy-go-lucky creatures who grant the wishes for their keepers.  These are pig like creatures who according to the tale ran away from humans and if a human could catch them they blessed them with immeasurable good luck and money or gold. In spirit can influence your wishes quite a great deal and cause them to manifest faster. 

White Art Fae-

There are several races of white art fae, most are gentle and sweet and make great companions.

Woodland Fae-

Woodland Fae are eager to please, loyal, kind-hearted and their energy is easily felt by anyone.  These beautiful creatures are the most like human in their behaviors and they tend to have similar emotions and good hearts. These are the fae, that are ever present in the forests and mountains. They derive a great amount of their powers from Mother Nature and enjoy human companionship.

Communication with faeries results in a bond between all the bodies as faeries can touch you in all realms of your bodies. They can communicate through thought and emotion, through dreams and sometimes when strong bonds exist, physically. When you first invite a faery into your home the best way to create an initial bond is to keep the vessel nearby and spend time meditating with their vessel and using their name both telepathically and out loud. Just talk to them as though they were in the room with you. The stronger the bond becomes with your fairy, the more connections they make to all your existing bodies and the more rewards you will be given. These white fairies love human contact and want to share their wisdom and gifts.

Hippocampus -

The Hippocampus are the royal horseback of Poseidon, Thetis, Doris, and other Merfolk.  As spirit companions they bring harmony and good luck into your home. Although they are a sea creature they can bond and bring refreshing energy to all spirits in the home. They are especially magnetic and bring a happiness to their keeper.


For those seeking a first-time spirit that can help them develop new psychic powers or enhance current ones a Raiju is a great match. 

Selkies - 

A Selkie is best described as being a human with many features of a seal. They are extremely friendly and love to keep company with humans.  Selkie are the "seal-people" who famously live off the coasts of Orkney and Shetland islands; though they held colonies worldwide. They were known for enjoying the company of humans and were known to mate with humans in their territory. They are very easy going, charming and sociable.  They bring their keeper inspiration for your life, motivation to succeed and help you destress easier. They also bring an aura of confidence into their keepers lives.


Gnomes are grounded entities but can be a bit moody from time to time. As spirit companions they bring you a powerful grounding to the Earth's energy. They can instill in you a greater sense of peace, serenity and well-being. They tend to be gentle, caring, compassionate, friendly, and engaging, not to mention, friendly, loyal, and get alone well with everyone. They bring out your inner bond to the Earth which is great for work with Earthen magick & organic magick.


Pegasus is lively and likely to manifest as visions especially when their keeper is in moving transportation such as a car, bus or train. They are the bringer of beautiful dreams and are well-loved by both their keeper and other spirits in the collection. As companions they are extremely loyal and have profound wisdom.

With all things, if you are considering purchasing a spirit I would thoroughly check out the seller and make sure they are both an ethical and a well respected seller with good reviews.  It also helps to work on your telepathic communication skills if you cannot hear spirits well yet.  The only seller I myself can vouch for is Papa Hood Sorcery.  www.papahoodsorcery.com everything I have purchased through him has been the real deal.