How to Sense Your Energy

Sensing different energies for the first time is a daunting task. This thing we call energy has many different names. Energy, also known as chi, ki, psi, or qi, will feel different to each individual but there can also be similarities, it is entirely dependent on the individuals sense of awareness. A big tip I can offer beginners is to always ground and center, so you don’t float away, get kundalini syndrome or deplete your energy accidentally. The method of doing this is to concentrate on your Dan tian- which is 3 fingers below your navel and push all bad energy or extra energy there. Let it settle there then ground by picturing a tree growing roots into the ground and expelling the energy into the earth. Energy is felt in different ways. Some report feeling cold, some heat, some static , some magnetism, some electrical shock, and many other sensations. There is no gold standard feeling, your energy could be a combination of all of these, which is completely normal. What’s important is to simply become aware of what your energy feels like to you..

Start by setting up whatever you do for protection, whether it be a circle or shields or whatever works for you. Then sit down to meditate. Take it all in. Everything from your surroundings..try to see past the veil amd see with your third eye. You can even tap it a few times. Remember to center and ground. Feel your skin breathing in the air, focus on your breath. Most people will tell you to clear your mind but for this purpose you want to let it fill with sensory input. Is there a small breeze? What does the air feel like? And on and on. Feel everything. Do this every day for 15 minutes until you can hold onto the different sensory prompts and you don’t get distracted.

The next exercise will be using visualization.

The best way to start is by creating an anchor for your mind to hook onto. First, I do this by picturing our physical body anatomical structure with veins and blood pumping. Next I substitute the blood flow with my energy flow and make the heart be the anchor for the energy to pass through similar to a core. I automatically try to “see” the aura around the body and add the corresponding chakras. You can add meridian points if you like but it’s not necessary.

As you visualize this energy flowing through your body, focus on moving the energy to your right limbs only. Your energy will simply go there as you tell it to do so. Notice the major differences between your right and left sides. Alternate the energy moving from your left side to your right. Can you feel the subtle difference? Is it hot or cold or heavy or magnetic? What does this feel like if you turn on the flow full force? Slow it down, put it in your hand only or your feet. Turn it off. If you begin to feel fatigued stop and take a break, center and ground. Start again. You will need to slowly work up to doing longer sessions of energy work as your body is not yet acclimated.

Advanced Psi Ball

Rub your hands together vigorously for 30 seconds then attempt to make a psi ball. Feel your energy between your fingers start to take shape. Squish it down and feel yourself open a channel from the heavens above your head that radiates pure universal life force which will strengthen your ball and make it bigger. Next you need to shore up all the loose points so it doesn’t just fall apart in your hands. I picture taking glue and cementing it all the way around the sphere in all directions. I then set my intention of what I want the ball to do. Keep it simple it’s your first construct, you don’t want it to malfunction. I like to make a ball of happiness and tons of love and throw it at my daughter and watch her reaction. It really works. Try it.

If you’re still not able to feel it, don’t get frustrated. This is a little like learning a foreign language for some it will flow naturally, for others it will take a bit more work.