A Psychic Told Me

A psychic told me

Guide to getting the best psychic reading 

Words I constantly hear that oftentimes make me cringe. Why? Because the psychic, intuitive, fortune teller or medium in question was completely full of crap. The thing is when you are a real psychic it’s very easy to spot the crap advice and guidance given by fraudulent psychics. Giving vague claims that can be pretty much used to describe someone at one given time in their lives is a dead giveaway. Beware of psychics who aren’t able or willing to back up their claims. Moreover, I think a healthy reading won’t give you definitive answers but it will give you options and allow you to use this as a guidance tool to pick what is best suited to your situation and will have the best outcome for you.

Getting the best psychic reading should include a bit of homework on your end before you book your reading. 

  1. Look for psychics that offer a guide of what their reading entails.

  2. Go with your intuition

  3. Look for a psychic with authority that has a blog, podcast or social media account that resonates with you

  4. Develop your own intuition so you can work with a psychic to validate your visions

  5. Look at reviews

  6. Google the psychics name as well as their page (some psychics change their name often this is a red flag

  7. Getting the best psychic does not always ensure they are the best psychic for you - understand what you want from a psychic

  8. A good psychic should know their accuracy rate

What should go into a psychic reading?

Each reading should be spiritual guidance that is empowering the individual to choose his or her own fate but it should give you clear definitive insight on what those options may be. A psychic should never tell you anything, they should be loving guides that act as a counselor with spiritual insight you don’t have. It isn’t our business to tell you the way things are going to unfold, primarily because we don’t determine that..you do. Free will is always going to supersede any kind of pre-destined path and while an experienced psychic should be able to navigate all the different timelines and tell you what your faced with, a psychic should not tell you which path you are going to choose. If they do it is a lie. You always have the ability to change the outcome of a particular situation if you do not like where that road is headed. 

This doesn’t mean that nothing negative can come up in a reading and that every psychic reading will be all rainbows and butterflies because that is also not true. A reading can have negative aspects that need to be addressed and things that the psychic can foresee being problems but in the end it is up to the querent to decide how to apply that to his or her life. 

For example I had a client come to me very distraught telling me that a psychic had told her that she was going to get divorced. The only one who can determine whether she was going to get divorced or not was my client herself. What the psychic should’ve told her was that there was going to be some tough times ahead in her marriage due to fighting but that it was up to her to decide how to handle it and that If she looked towards getting ahead of the conflict she could prevent any problems altogether. Readings should be a form of intuitive therapy or counseling. We are there to help you work out the solution with expert guidance and effective tools, we aren’t there to tell you how to live your life. 

As a customer you need to have faith in a psychic reader but never so much faith that you let them solely decide for you what avenue is best to take. You know your life best, after all you are the one living it, we are just passing observers. Oftentimes we are already confirming things you already knew and it’s just that you needed a little confirmation to nudge you in the right direction. In this way, psychics are invaluable. 

In this day and age I think it’s fairly obvious that psychics are real. Psychic talents are indeed real gifts that can be measured and tracked for accuracy. 

This is something I keep track of but some psychics do not. If a psychic doesn’t follow up with you to see what you thought of the reading and how accurate you thought it was, this is a difficult claim to make. 

A confident psychic that trusts in their gifts often has free giveaways for people to see what their readings are like. They also have different types of readings allowing a focus on different areas of ones life such as career readings, psychic love readings, twin flame readings or past life readings. 

It is important that you understand that a good indicator of how someone performs a reading can be found in their blog posts and descriptions. It’s important to speak with confidence but not with definitive authority claiming you hold the answers to all life’s mysteries for them. If someone makes this claim, run. 

I hope this has provided you with a good framework for choosing a great psychic to perform your reading. I hope this has also given you a guide to getting the best psychic reading. In the end, it comes down to confidence you have in their abilities, in this you should let your intuition be your guide. Once you have chosen a psychic however, it’s imperative you give them your trust and let them help guide you to making the best decisions for your life.