How to Develop Your Innate Psychic Abilities

Develop your innate Psychic Abilities

If you wish to develop your innate psychic abilities you only need to look within. All the answers are within our own scope of attainment, but so often we look to outer sources to complete our development and this is not the case with psychic abilities.  Psi abilities are no longer wide speculation, but rather serious scientific areas that are being looked and studied by Quantum Physicists, Mathematicians, Psychology and many other disciplines.

If you plan to embark down this path here are a few different ways that you haven’t heard before to get you started on your journey to this beautiful thing called intuition.

  1. Meditate Regularly

    Meditation is the gateway to understanding a deeper truth that I cannot teach you here. It is the key to understanding our connectedness in the universe. Without the knowledge of our connectedness your psychic abilities will be limited. Your true staying abilities will depend upon your connection to spirit through meditation

  2. Feel Everything

    Take time to notice your breath, take time to feel it nurture your organs and take time to feel your Energy in the room you are in. The soon you begin to recognize your own energy the sooner you can recognize other people’s energy and what it means.

  3. Develop a shorthand with your higher self and spirit.

    A language in which they can communicate with symbols and images that will mean something to you. The more developed this system is the more accurate you will be and the more specific spirit can be in the detail. If you decide to develop your own language just make sure you know what the meanings are. Keep a notebook for reference until you have them committed to memory. Symbolic language opens the door for the universe to communicate with you. Symbols aid influence and facilitate communication between people, nature, spirits and realms.

  4. Set the intention to make everything a learning experience

    For example before you go to sleep at night ask spirit to teach you something in your dreams. Spirit cannot override free will, and why you may think spirit knows what you want, spirit does not pretend to know and will not guess, it must be explicit. When spirit speaks to us, it cannot be forceful or garish, and spirit does not speak loudly to drown out everything else. You must set the clear intention that you would like to communicate with spirit and you must be specific at what times you wish to get this message overtly. Ancient traditions invoked spirit so that man was infused with spirit every waking moment, instead of only the times that we could spare outside of work. Whether spirit calls through the use of certain archetypes or symbols will depend on this intention that you set.

  5. Begin to control your own emotions

    When you go through a spiritual awakening, it is difficult to control these emotions fully. It is only through the ability to control your own emotions that you can truly experience the feelings and thoughts of other spirits and entities. It also ensures that you know what is going on in your own body and will not attempt to project that or assign those feelings to another being. Your own abilities will enhance the more you grow and develop as a human being. We need to command obedience from the heart and managing spiritual pain or your emotions will also help to reduce other symptoms we do not want. This spiritual pain often comes from a place of fear, so the more you tend to work through your fears the quicker you will move through any stumbling blocks put in your way.

  6. Train your mind to calm the thinking mind and reprogram your thoughts

    You have a runaway train in the form of thought patterns and covering this up with affirmations will simply have the opposite effect. Think about it, if I tell you NOT to think about a blue banana, what will you think about? A blue banana!! Your thinking mind is always chattering away while you are in line at the grocery store, when your mind wanders etc..if you simply engage your observing mind instead of this thinking mind to reign in your thoughts and emotions and not to delve into them and fuse with them. Instead if you feel your thinking mind say “i am sad” do not think this instead correct it by saying “I feel sad” It will feel like a subtle difference but it will help you discern feeling an emotion versus being ruled by it. The more you can control these runaway thoughts that we have until you begin to recognize it the more you will be able to distinguish the difference between your own inner monologue and spirit.

  7. Practice Visualization

    Whether you believe it or not Visualization is a big part of your connection with spirit and will make it much easier to understand. A well developed sense of imagination will ensure you can remap the path spirit is providing to you.

  8. Develop your own personal container

To develop personal awareness, psychic awareness, and to be able to spiritually attract what you want in your life, you need to be aware of what is in your personal container. You also need to take steps to clean up this personal space. For a moment, imagine a clear glass of water. If a drop of blood is put into this glass, it will be obvious to everyone, but if this glass is already filled with dirty water a drop of blood will not be so obvious to the observer.  If you don’t know what is in your personal container,  and you aren’t aware of the subtle changes in your energy field you won’t be aware of any foreign energies that aren’t yours.  The more you are able to control your emotions in your container and the less out of control your thoughts and images are, the more your awareness over yourself and others will increase.

9. Have a personal teacher

I personally have counted on my spirit team to help teach me some of these skills and shortcuts. Don’t underestimate the value your team, guides and companions can offer!

10. Don’t listen to people that say your gifts are something negative

Many people because they do not understand these things will claim this is something negative or that this comes from the devil. Ignore them. As long as you protect yourself you won’t be exposed to these things unless you want to be.


This exercise will involve your creating an image in your personal container to build up your awareness..Find a quiet room where you will not be disturbed, sit on a chair with feet flat on the floor.  There should be a table in front of you, and it should not be cluttered, in fact the more it is free of any unnecessary objects the better.  Find a small item that you can hold in your hand that isn’t overly complicated such as a key or a cellphone.  Now stare at the object and study it. Note its size, shape, color, texture, surface area, whatever.  Then close your eyes.  In your minds eye you are going to imagine this item just as it was when you were studying it sitting on the table.  Recreate as much detail as you possibly can.  Then open your eyes and see how you did.  Now close your eyes again and in your mind’s eye picture the object. Then open your eyes and remove the item from the table and put it away where you cannot see it.  Now stare at the spot where the item just was on the table.  While doing it, create the item in your mind’s eye with your eyes open this time and make it appear on the table.  Obviously, it won’t actually be on the table but your mind with enough practice will be able to look at the empty spot and put the image you created in your minds eye right there.   Once you get proficient you can use more detailed items and even people, but this exercise will help you develop your abilities much faster because of the use of visualization.

Start with these exercises and you will be well on your way to developing your intuition, trust me. Just do them for a week.  One week of practicing each of these things will drastically increase your innate abilities and can even open up your third eye.  I do want to offer a note of caution. When it comes to anything in the spiritual realm- protect yourself. Say a prayer of protection before meditating or doing any of these exercises. I don’t want to scare you off but better safe than sorry I say!  There is a very minute chance that anything negative will interfere but just make this part of your regular practice and you will be covered!

Good Luck and please comment and let me know how these worked for you!

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