Are Ghosts Real? We interview an Infamous Paranormal Investigator to find Out!

Paul Roberts is a paranormal investigator and journalist. He has been on over 900 paranormal investigations from UFOs to ghosts to demons to Chupacabra, they do it all. His wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson and Paul have written many books on the paranormal and you can find their books at this link:

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International
916 203 7503


Welcome To Crazy Town

Welcome To Crazy Town

Did you ever want to know what a spiritual awakening was like? Listen to us discuss the stages of it and how to survive with your sanity intact!

Dimension Jumping

"Jeff" and I discuss Dimension Jumping. The very controversial method of the shifting nature of reality, through the deliberate application of techniques to bring about "jumps" in our personal worlds - in effect, switching to a more desirable universe.  Yes, folks this is real.  This episode is intended to be more of a high brow conversation on the practical implications of Dimension Jumping, instead of the the how to method. If you are wondering how to dimension jump, please jump over to Reddit and search Dimension Jumping to get a step by step method on how to do it. Just remember what Jeff says in this episode, you have to have a very good working understanding of the physics involved in such a thing in order to bend reality, but it is very possible.

Spiritual Protection

What are the dangers when using psychic ability or tuning into anything paranormal? Listen to find out!