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Tarot Reading by Email

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Email tarot readings

(please provide email address and your reading will be returned to you within 48 hours)- using Rider Waite Deck. These are the types of readings I offer. If there is a specific spread you would like to have me use, please email me for pricing

1. Twin flame Reading

Are you in a Twin Flame, Soulmate or Karmic Relationship and need some advice from the tarot? Well, this is the best place to start! The cards in this tarot reading will take an in depth look at the the energies for both people in the relationship. This is can be useful to try and see a situation from the other person's perspective and thus promote understanding, hope and encourage you to find different ways to overcome differences. This will also help you figure out who your Twin Flame really is, when your going to meet them and who they are to you in a past life through a 9 card spread reading. To dispel any confusion on what a Twin Flame is, a twin flame is literally your other half. It is someone who will unite with you on earth when you are both ready to form a divine vessel for grace and unconditional love to flow out to the world. Your Twin is always with you in spirit, even when they are not in close proximity.

1. Card to describe your energy

2. Card to describe a past life you had

3. What your purpose is together in this current lifetime

4. How can you grow from this lesson

5. Something you can do to strengthen your bond

6. Something your twin is mirroring for you

7. How can you help them grow

8. Divine guidance about the synchronicities that will bring you together or keep you together (timing may be indicated here if you are indeed about to be united)

9. Shows the most likely outcome in terms of serving together with your Twin Flame in this incarnation.

2. Relationship reading

This works best if you don’t have a specific question, just a topic, for example, if you are wondering what the truth is of this relationship and if you are compatible. The reading itself provides the detail. I’ve found this spread works wonders and is by far and away my single most used spread. Just a quick note on spreads about relationships. It’s next to impossible to use cards to read someone else’s mind. The clients I usually have no problem with, but when you bring other parties into the equation, it gets a bit more difficult to interpret. If you are turning to tarot to help you explain someone else’s behavior you are likely to be disappointed. I simply don’t have control over other people’s actions and free will is always coming into play. That being said, this reading can tell you what the outlook is given the current situation and card readings are extremely helpful in relationships. Primarily as a means to examine your own psyche and issues, but they can be used to promote discussion with your partner as well. But what you gain most from relationship spreads, or any spreads for that matter, is a better relationship with yourself. The better you know yourself the better your relationships with other people.This tarot spread focuses completely on the dynamics between two partners, and analyzes different aspects of your relationship that might be points of contention or unification.  If you are looking for specific answers on a relationship issue your having, it is best to book a reading with me so we can go over things in more detail and discuss every issue you wish to cover.

1. Your wants - What are you looking for in a relationship? What do you need from the relationship to consider it successful?

2. Partner's wants - What does your partner want in a relationship? What would they need for it to be successful?

3. Differences - In what parts of life do you two find differences? What are possible points of disagreement?

4. Similarities - Where in life do you find similarities? What brings you together?

5. Emotional Compatibility - How compatible are you emotionally?

6. Physical Compatibility - How compatible are you physically? How would you characterize your physical relationship?

7. Mental Compatibility - How compatible are you mentally? Do you find similar things to be intellectually stimulating?

Figure out what your current relationships course is and how to navigate it through this 7 card spread.

3.Messages from Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are the spirits of beings who have crossed over and who have been assigned as assistants to people living in a physical body. They fill a function similar to that of Guardian Angels but with the added benefit of being able to better relate to the human conditions. One or two spirit guides are said to stay with us from cradle to grave and others come to us in special times of need. You will know some from past lives, either in a similar function or having actually been incarnate at the same time. Each of us have angels and guides around us at all times, they never intrude on our free will but are always willing to help us if asked. The key to being able to work effectively both with spirit guides is to be a clear channel. This means the ability to become still and receive messages from beyond the veil – This can be done through silent meditation. if you are willing to practice. The spirit guide Tarot spread also helps you find out some facts about your guide, why they are in your life and how you can best work with them for the highest good. This spread works equally well for connecting with a spirit animal. This is a 9 Card spread.

1. Your deepest held belief about working with spirit guides

2. How ready you are now to start connecting with a spirit guide

3. The spirit guide who is most keen to work with you now

4. Have you worked together before?

5. What is their main aim for working together?

6. What are they trying to warn you about?

7. What are they trying to help you succeed with?

8. What action do they want you take to be successful

9. Something you can do to strengthen the connection with your guide

4. General

General Celtic cross reading that covers love, health, money and abundance. This is a 10 card spread that covers the present, the challenges, the past, the future, above (what you are working towards as you attempt to resolve this issue), below (that which is within the subconscious realm and delves into the core foundation of the situation. It symbolizes underlying feelings and trends associated with the situation), advice, external influences, hopes and/or fears and the outcome. The Celtic Cross is the most commonly used spread by Tarot Readers but it is one of the hardest spreads to interpret correctly. Many readers miss the deeper insights that are available by me in this complex spread

1.You Right Now

2.Strongest Influences


4.Things You have successfully purged/ Your past

5.Your Strengths

6.What’s Next for you

7.Suggested Approach

8.Health Status (mind,body and spirit)

9.Hopes and Fears

10.Your potential future

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