we are all babes at heart


Going through an awakening is a beautiful and terrifying process all at the same time. Let us help you navigate that journey if you’re already going through it and if you aren’t happy with your current situation we can teach you how to live purposefully.


walk barefoot.

listen to the wind.

drink in the moon.

be magic.

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Kirsten is one of the most intriguing individuals I have ever met, she will show you things about yourself you never thought were possible
— Stephen Ward
If you are looking for a psychic reading that is specific and detailed, you have found your girl. She knows things that no one could know. She’s the real deal
— Tammy Espinosa
Kirsten changed my life. I was a negative miser who was always angry. She taught me to control my emotions and how to love life again.
— Rain McCarty
Kirsten from Psychic Babes have me a reading during a time I was very lost in life. Her insights felt like God sent. She immediately connected with my energy And she was able to pick up on the challenges that I was going through. I was very shocked at how accurate her details were. She also shared with me some Very key insights on my future, Especially in terms of love life and career that really struck a chord with me. Because of Kirsten I now know who I am and every day I work on improving myself. I can’t think Kirsten enough at psychic babes for all of your help in guidance she is truly a one in 1 million!!
— Darshini k


Welcome, Starseeds, light workers, indigo's, humans but most importantly Friends. I am Kirsten Sandefur.  I am a solutions based intuitive, not a fortune teller. I cannot tell you what the winning lottery numbers will be nor do I agree with such methods.  I focus on practical methods to apply to a vast areas of life.  I am a solutions based healer and psychic. 

I am an internationally-known professional psychic, tarot reader, Certified past life regression hypnotherapist, dowser, psychic development instructor and Reiki Master.  Services include psychic readings by phone, by email or in person, Reiki healing session (in person or from a distance), Life Coaching packages, Individual Life Coaching sessions to try out my methods, spell work and spell casting (please see the pricing page for detailed spells and costs), Handmade crystal grid packages, crystals, candles, cleansing rituals and most advice.

Why is what I have learned important? I don't want you to suffer like I did early on in life. I was born to two amazing parents who I love dearly and are still married today. I didn't have any abandonment issues, or any codependency stuff to work through...what I didn't expect was to learn to WANT to be more in a relationship. To want to give of yourself so completely and fully and to get the same in return. What on earth does being psychic have to do with relationships??


Listening to your inner voice is how you will listen to someone else. If you treat that voice badly and pay it no mind, you will do the same in a relationship. It's ok, you didn't know better. Let's start today and do better.

My life’s passion and the reason I gave up my very lucrative career in hospitality was mainly because of a life changing event…getting divorced, with a two year old at home and no help, not a penny in child support and facing the idea that I was going to have to go this on my own and bring my daughter to a job with me or become homeless, so I did.  When you combine positivity and the love you have for a tiny soul, you can move mountains...and I did. The goal of my work is to help others empower and transform themselves by releasing negative though patterns and staying away from emotional vampires.

Find out what a babe is and how to be one yourself!

we are all both babies in learning how to navigate this journey and beautiful, intelligent, captivating creatures capable of entrancing's about the energy you put a babe)

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The heart of the discipline of the personality is threefold. One, know yourself. Two, accept yourself. Three, become the Creator.
— The Law of One - RA

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