Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been teaching psychic classes and giving intuitive psychic readings?

About 4 years in total, although I have been researching all forms of esoteric studies since about the age of 11.

 How long does it take me to get my tarot reading by email from the time I pay for it?

48 Hours

Can I get an accurate healing, past life regression therapy, reiki and or readings if you are halfway across the world?

Yes!  Have you ever received a phone call from a family member 3,000 miles away? Before they even begin to speak, you can sense their energy. In the same way, I am tapping into your energy over the phone. In fact, readings done over the phone can sometimes be even more accurate because there is no second guessing because of bias of someone sitting right in front of you and you have to rely very much on feeling the person’s energy instead of first tuning into them as a person. Especially with Reiki, I have had many clients say it’s more effective than in person.

Do You Do Readings for Events, parties, gatherings, bridal shower, bachelorette parties, Christenings, or Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies?

Absolutely! I do psychic parties and readings at corporate events, celebrations, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, get-togethers, holiday parties and more nationwide. Depending on the number of people, Event readings tend to be short (3-10 minutes per person). To allow for the maximum number of people to be read, I need a quiet space, an open heart and the rest is up to me! I do Past Life Regressions for parties of 5 or less, Reiki group sessions for 10 or less, Chakra Balancing for 10 or less, and as I am not an expertise in mediumship work I do it after I have seen a client in person and have thoroughly explain my philosophy. I would just need an area at the event that is quiet enough for guests to hear their readings.  

What should I do to prepare for a reading?

Relax! Breathe! Meditate. Think about the questions you would like to ask beforehand that are most important to you in your heart.

What tools do you use in your readings?

Honestly, it depends on what spirit tells me to use at that time. Sometimes I use crystals, pendulums, spirit boards for pendulums, scanning techniques, Chakra Balancing techniques, etc….These all help with the reading process.

How do I know you are reputable?

On my home page you can see the testimonials left by clients, as well as I have a whole list of about 100 people who have endorsed my skills that if asked I can furnish to you and allow you to contact them on your own to see for yourself. You should definitely do your research, look at the scam reports, look at the Better Business Bureau for complaints and Google!! Also go by your gut feeling, if you feel I am right for you then don’t second guess that. Your intuition is your best radar!

Do you teach one on one courses in Psychic Development, channeling or Past Life Regression techniques?

I teach many one on one classes basically through word of mouth, so I don’t have my apprenticeship classes listed on here at this point in time. If you are interested in advanced level courses, are in the Salt Lake City area and can commit to a good chunk of time to developing and enhancing your craft I would love to work with you. Please submit your queries to